Thursday, April 13, 2017

New Nature Inspired Tie-Back Headbands

Hey everyone, I've got 5 newly designed tie-back style headbands in shop! The nature vibes are heavy here with birds, bees, and flowers galore. As always, they're made with fabric that is indie designed by me and eco friendly! Also, every singe item that is purchased from my shop comes with a little heart embedded with wildflower seed to plant. Mother nature is very happy about that :)
Check them out here


  1. Oh i soo love your little initiative to contribute towards a heathly environment. Coming back to the post i really like your prints they reminds me of autumm which is almost here. Your prints will look great in scarfs aswell you should make of that too.

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  3. Such a great design. Printing Always reminds people about the beauty of the nature See more arts in Events in Chandigarh .