Sunday, February 26, 2017

New: Herbal Dream Pillows!

Do you need a little extra herbal "om" to help you relax and drift off to sleep? Herbs are powerful allies for us mere humans. Mother Nature has generously provided us with so many comforts and remedies for various ailments - whether physical, mental, or emotional. The stress and demands of our daily lives can leave us so depleted, yet so wound up that getting a restful nights sleep can be out of reach. You've probably tried breathing exercises, sequential muscle relaxation, maybe some white noise, etc. But, did you know that a very powerful sensory system for relaxation is often overlooked? It's as simple as your nose! Well, okay it's really not that simple. The olfactory system and its connection to the brain is rather complicated in fact, and the way the molecules from the herbs enter your system through the membranes in your nose is really beyond my comprehension. But, what I DO know is that it works... and that it is safe, simple, natural, and a rather enjoyable aromatic addition to a bedtime routine.

Organic Herbal Dream Pillows by Bohemian Gypsy Jane

I patiently took my time finding just the right herbal blend for these dream pillows. There are so many herbs that help with relaxation and restful sleep, but in the end I chose 8 wonderful herbs to work with. As I designed and color proofed various versions of the fabric for these, I worked out the perfect proportion of each herb. It took a few months of hard work and dedication for it all to come together, but I am more than pleased with the final results and I'm confident that you guys will be pleased as well. These can now be found in my Etsy shop! xoxo ~namaste

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  1. In this stress full world every one seek to have a peaceful life far from stress and anxiety. Pillows play a majoir role in the resting period, and if pillows are made from herb they will have double good result. Thank you for the post..