Saturday, March 12, 2016

Why I Skipped Winter

So... you may have read my post on living in harmony with Fall way back in October, and you may have noticed that the post on Winter that I said I was going to write never appeared. My plan is to get that Winter post written when Winter's presence graces again and the season is back in the air. But, for now, Winter has passed and so has the beautiful quiet energy of it. I need to be surrounded by the essence of Winter when I write about living in harmony with it, so the writing will simply have to wait.

So, why didn't I write about it? 

Well, if you remember reading my New Year's post "The Art of Slowing Down - New Year 2016", then you know that I hadn't been feeling well for quite some time. Shortly after writing that post where I said I was recovering and feeling better, I felt bad again - right back to where I was. Now, don't get me wrong, I believe every single word I wrote that day and it absolutely holds true, but something else was going on at that time that I didn't know about that unfortunately took a really long time to diagnose: I had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

Trust me, its a really yucky thing to have and its the reason I never got around to writing about Winter. I simply wasn't well. It took roughly 7-8 months to get diagnosed, but once we knew what was wrong it was pretty easy to treat... laughably easy if you don't mind me saying.

I was prescribed 2 weeks of an antibiotic called Doxycycline. The prescription cost was a whopping five dollars. I told people that I didn't know if I should laugh or cry because I'd been so stinking sick for so long and the cure was so easy and cheap. But, here's something I'm telling for the first time. I was relieved. Of course I was relieved that they found what was wrong, but I was even MORE relieved that it was something out of my control. You guys know I'm a bit of a health nut and I run and do yoga and try to eat a healthy mainly vegan/vegetarian diet. I'm all into the holistic stuff and energy healing, etc. Yes, I'm that person. I try to honor my body the best I can. So, essentially, I felt defeated -  like I must have been doing something wrong to have gotten so sick and not be able to fully recover no matter what I did. I tried all kinds of things: teas, herbs, supplements, old Native American remedies, tons of rest, essential oils, special honey. Really, the health food store was making a killing off of me! But, here's the thing: I WAS healthy, I just didn't feel like I was at the time. Ironically, it was so hard to diagnose BECAUSE I was healthy.

In fact, my body was waging a pretty good war against the bacteria. My body served me well. I was healthy enough that Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever didn't take me all the way down. My body was holding its own and probably given a few more months/years I would have won. But, I'm happy that I didn't have to continue the war on my own. I don't like being sick. That was one time I was actually eager to take antibiotics. I normally don't endorse the use of antibiotics, but they do have their place and if the situation is serious enough it's foolish to not take them. Its now been about a month since I finished the antibiotics and I'm on my way back to my normal self again. Its been a gradual process that I noticed starting around maybe day 4 or 5 of the antibiotics. I won't get into all the details of what Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever does to the body, you can certainly find all sorts of stuff on the web if you really want to know, but I'll tell you that its bad enough that it takes time, even after the bacteria is gone from your body, to heal completely. I'm still getting there. But, I'm well enough that I see it on the bright and shiny horizon.

I also have a renewed commitment to my body. There for awhile I thought my body had betrayed me, but now I know that it certainly didn't. Not at all. It took care of me the best it could, which was pretty darn good given the circumstances. Thankfully, I had a healthy body to start with. One that had been nourished, exercised, and well taken care of prior to the infection. During the course of being ill I've gotten a little out of shape. But, I'll get back to where I was, and I'll do it with love and gratitude for the amazing flesh and blood that carries me through this life, my body that fought so hard to keep the bacteria at bay. I have a new appreciation for my health. I will cherish it like never before! I'm so thankful to be feeling healthy again.

So, I'll soon be working on a post for living in harmony with Spring, and I'll catch Winter next time :)


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  1. It is regretable it took you so long to get diagnosed, i guess thats why you have not been writing on winter. Pleasure to welcome you back and looking forward to seeing your future articles.