Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Living in Harmony with the Seasons: Fall

Life truly is a journey. For me, its a wonderful journey of learning and becoming. Something I've been tuning into lately is discovering the natural harmony and connections we have with the seasons and trying to honor it. Summer was full of energy and creation, but the days are shorter now and the energy is winding down in preparation for Winter. I know I've said this before, but I am so blessed to live in beautiful Oklahoma where we get to experience all 4 seasons in all their glory. So, obviously if you live in a similar climate, its much easier to tune into the seasons. But, even if the season changes are subtle where you are, you can still honor them and more than likely feel the shifting energies even if they're not overtly obvious.

So, what does it mean to live in harmony with Fall? It means to simply slow down and reflect. Examine all of your hard work and accomplishments over the year. Harvest your fields, metaphorically speaking! Tune into what your body needs. Whether you realize it or not, we're extensions of the earth. We're locked into the same rhythms and cycles. We're fed by the sun and pulled by the moon just as the earth and the oceans. Look to the trees for Fall inspiration. They've been growing and creating all Summer long. They've made beautiful green canopies to collect the energy of the sun and now they're simply letting them go. And how spectacular this process is! Those leaves go down in glorious fashion - orange, red, yellow... and then they settle on the ground to peacefully return to the earth. The trees pull their energies inward and prepare to rest. So, that's exactly what we need to do as well. Pull our energies inward and prepare to rest. Nourish your inner self... body, mind, and soul. 

Here is my personal plan for Fall. For my body, I'm going to shift my fitness concentration from running to yoga. I've been meaning to make a more earnest dedication to my yoga practice and now is the prefect time to do it. Also, I'll be looking at my foods from a seasonal point of view and including more food that are actually in season. Apples are wonderful this time of year! As are lots of Fall greens, root vegetables, and grains. I'm going to try to not indulge much in fruits that are out of season, but oh how I love strawberries, and they can be so tempting! We'll see how that goes :)

For my mind I'm going to dedicate some time to learning more about the different stones and crystals as well as the healing properties of various herbs. I've always been interested in these things, but haven't had the time to really study them in depth. I've been making and adding beaded bracelets to my boutique over the last few months and I really feel a connection to those elements. I also want to learn to make malas! There is knowledge out there for me to find and learn from, I can feel it calling me! And, for the herbs, I've been mixing my own lotions playing around with aromatherapy and I love it! I plan on expanding my knowledge and learning how to make more things!

Lastly, for my soul. Well, I just finished reading a book and I read it really fast. I literally devoured it. I'm going to go back and re-read and do all the lessons and work from the chapters. This book is called "Warrior Goddess Training" and its written by HeatherAsh Amara. She studied under don Miguel Ruiz who wrote the Four Agreements. It's really an amazing book and worth the time! I would highly suggest it to any woman. There is much to be taken away from this rare gem.

So, I hope you all take the time to slow down, relect, and nourish yourselves. I'm planning on writing similar posts for the rest of the seasons as they come around... so next up will be Winter!

Have a blessed Fall everyone! xoxo

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