Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Introducing BGJ for the Wild Things

Happy Earth Day everyone! I thought that today was the perfect day to introduce something I've been working super hard on behind the scenes. (Okay, actually I was planning on announcing it on launch day which will be either May 1st or May 12th, but since I've gotten a special invitation, I'm announcing a little early ;) I've been working on creating an initiative to coincide with the launch of BGJ for the Wild Things is an environmental and wildlife education and preservation initiative that will consist of a few different elements to start...

First of all, all BGJ products sold from the new site will come with a special paper heart. The heart is handmade here in the US by an eco friendly company with recycled materials. Inside the heart there are special flower seeds embedded. Yes, you plant the hearts! The seed mix is a specially prepared mix for bees and butterflies. Our pollinator friends are in trouble right now, so the hearts are meant to spread awareness of the issue. I would love for people to plant the hearts, but I would love even MORE for people to be curious enough about the issue to start doing some research about the problem and learning what can be done to help!

Also, I'll be advocating for wildlife friendly backyards. I've had one for a few years now and it's actually quite fun! The National Wildlife Federation has some great info on how to make your yard wildlife friendly. It's pretty simple and I would love to see more people getting on board! I've been doing a few projects with my daughter and she really loves it. I've got a few pics on instagram with hashtag bgjforthewildthings of things we've done recently. I would really like to see what other people are doing. Please use the bgjforthewildthings hashtag on instagram so we can all share and see!

Lastly, a BIG part of this initiative is WildCare Oklahoma. Oklahoma is where I call home and we have some absolutely beautiful land and wildlife. WildCare is a very special place that takes in thousands of injured or orphaned wildlife for care and rehabilitation with the goal of release back into the wild. In 2014, they cared for 5,421 patients! They do amazing and selfless work and I want to help support them. So, $1.00 from every product sold from the upcoming will go to WildCare! I've had this in my head since the very beginning and I am very excited about it!

Now, the reason I'm announcing all this early is because I've received an invitation from WildCare to set up a sales table at their annual fundraising "baby shower". This is the ONLY time WildCare is open to the public and it's always in April because of all the baby animals they start getting! People can come and see the animals and the grounds and bring "baby gifts", aka needed supplies, or simply make monetary donations. The baby shower is this Saturday, April 25th, at WildCare Oklahoma from 2-5 pm. This will be the very first time any of my new products will be for sale! (Yes, I'm nervous!) I've been scrambling all week to get everything ready since this was a last minute kind of thing, but it's all coming together nicely! I've got a cute little table setup worked out and considering my rush order of extra fabric comes in on time, I'll have roughly 100 headbands and 20 bracelets for sale! This will be an awesome way for BGJ for the Wild Things to get a jump start and for my local community to be introduced to my new products! Much thanks to WildCare for the invite! And yes, $1.00 for each sale goes to WildCare :)

xoxo -Amanda

Photos are copyrighted and provided by WildCare

Stay tuned for more info! note-There will be a special page on the new website for BGJ for the Wild Things, and a page is in progress for this blog. 

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