Sunday, August 17, 2014

Blooming Mandala Boho Pillows

Confession: I made these pillow designs for my own living room. I've been wanting to switch out the pillows on my couch for quite a while, so I finally made some designs for it! I started redecorating my kitchen and living room last year and have never finished the final touches. These pillows are going to look great! The turquoise matches my kitchen cabinets which are quite visible from my living room, and the coral matches my living room walls. I love adding extra colors to a room with pillows, so I've thrown in some purple and indigo and green. Now, all I need to do is decorate my walls and find a few plants I won't kill ;)

I hope you guys love these pillows too because I've put them in my Zazzle store!

xoxo -bgj

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