Friday, January 10, 2014

Kicking Off 2014 With The Law of Attraction!

I have so many design plans in my head for the coming year that I know I can't possibly accomplish them all in the 12 short months that make up a year... So, I've been sorting through my ideas and prioritizing the possibilities. I don't have... nor have I ever adhered to any strict "business plans" (a trait commonly shared among creatives ;) but I try to always have a clear vision in my head of which direction I want to be heading. I still have a few "catch-up" designs to get converted into fabric for Spoonflower, so that will be one priority over the next few months. But, as far as my brand new designs for 2014, I want to create a few more spiritually inspiring designs as well as try out a few fitness and health inspired designs! I'm thinking maybe water bottles and t-shirts and some inspiring iPod cases to carry with you to the gym or wherever you go to exercise! What do you guys think about that? If you follow me on Pinterest, then you know that I'm a fitness nut and that I love yoga and running :) I think it would be wonderful if I could combine my design passion with my health passion! As far as my patterns go, I will simply try to continue to create the aesthetically pleasing and trendy designs that you guys love! But, for my very official very first design of 2014, I wanted to do something with the Law of Attraction to get me off to the perfect start. I love this quote and I try to remind myself of it often. What better way to remind myself than to incorporate it into one of my designs! I hope you guys love it and find it inspiring for the New Year! Let's all make 2014 AMAZING! xoxo -bgj

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