Monday, December 16, 2013

Free Printable List Pads From Ghostkitten

These adorable printable list pads are available for free, courtesy of Ghostkitten!

Ghostkitten is Nicole Piar, an illustrator and surface designer. Her artwork can be seen on everything from greeting cards to clothing to books. Her mission is to awaken a sense of wonder and inspire flights of fancy.

The characters that she has created for these list pads are Sadie and Zee. Sadie is on the left and Zee is the blue mischief-maker. Ghostkitten spotted these guys in the wilds of her imagination and brought them to life with these quick field sketches. Sadie and Zee love to make LISTS! Lists of their favorite books, and of silly things to do before sunrise, and of all the colors in a particularly special rock they found behind their house.

To help you make your lists a bit more magical, they are gracing each sheet to be Your Little List Helpers.

To get the free printable list pads, follow this link:

Also, check out the Ghostkitten's website! It's full of whimsical and magical patterns and illustrations!

xoxo -bgj

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