Saturday, October 5, 2013


This new design "Kind-Gentle-Brave" is now available exclusively on Society 6. I wanted to step away from the pattern designs for a moment in order to create this more artistic piece that has been brewing in my head for awhile. I think the words portray the qualities that I value the most. A kind heart is an absolute must in this world. Carry it with you wherever you go. A gentle spirit is a state of grace, a contentment, an acceptance of the beauty and value in all things great and small...the ability to watch and admire without the need to capture or exploit. I love the old native saying "walk gently upon this earth". And last but not least, a brave soul. Bravery is not the lack of fear, it is walking forward with hope despite what might seem impossible. It is holding onto, and walking through life holding onto your values and beliefs no matter what. It is being true to yourself. So, I made this one for all my fellow "gypsies". May you always have a kind heart, a gentle spirit, and a brave soul. XOXO

Find it on Society 6 here

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