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Designer Interview: Jessica Wilde

Jessica Wilde is passionately creative. Her formal education was at Birmingham City University with a degree in Textile Design specializing in weave. She's been using her talents as a wallpaper designer and she is currently building a pretty amazing portfolio of surface pattern designs. Her work has been featured on Tigerprint, and she was the winner of the Tigerprint & SDC Colour Competition. Jessica currently lives in Shropshire, England.

Note: There are some spelling variations in this post - i.e. color/colour - as should be expected when when an American girl (me) interviews a British girl (Jessica). But, I hope that no matter which side of the pond you live on, that you enjoy this designer interview with Jessica Wilde! She is a fabulous designer and I had a wonderful time corresponding with her via email :)

So....let's dive right in to the interview...

BGJ: Tell me about how you became interested in surface pattern design.

Jessica: Oddly, I think surface pattern found me. I've always loved drawing and designing for as long as I can remember though I've explored it from various angles. From originally wanting to go into fashion design, then studying weave and trends for my textiles degree, it wasn't until I left University, took a step back and looked at what I enjoyed most, that I found my direction in print.

"Fifties Floral" © Jessica Wilde

BGJ: I know one thing that's hard about surface pattern design is trying to make a pattern that would potentially work on many different products. Is there a certain type of product that you like to see your work on - such as fabric or textile products, or paper goods such as wrapping paper?

Jessica: I think a lot of designs can be so transferable, that when designing I try to not let the end use hold me back too much, and instead enjoy the freedom to run with the idea. I'd really love to see some of mine on a range of products, from homewares to stationary and giftware.

"Spring Time Geometric" from the Artisan Kitsch Collection © Jessica Wilde

BGJ: What do you find to be the most difficult aspect of surface pattern design and what do you find to be the most fulfilling?

Jessica: Designing always comes with ups and downs. Some days things just flow, other days progress is more difficult. Also, it's always too easy to be overly critical of your own work. Persevering, believing in what you can do and seeing the end results make it all worth while, and every bit of positive feedback really does mean a lot.

"Raindrops" from the Lovely Weather for It Collection © Jessica Wilde

"Urchin" design from the Doodle Love Collection © Jessica Wilde

BGJ: You are also an illustrator and a photographer, as well as a surface pattern designer. In what area did your creative journey originally begin, and where do you see yourself heading in the foreseeable future?

Jessica: I've always loved drawing and surface pattern naturally seemed to grow from this. Photography has then fitted in nicely for capturing colour, texture and inspiration. Looking to the future I'm in the process of completing Rachel Taylor's e-course, The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design, so hope to see some patterns on product for 2013!

© Jessica Wilde

© Jessica Wilde
BGJ: What are some of your favorite colors to work with?

Jessica: I love to work with complementary brights in my patterns, and always enjoy playing with fun combinations as well as looking at what new trends are doing. In complete contrast to this, I also like the simplicity of black and white for my illustrations.

from the Artisan Kitsch Collection © Jessica Wilde
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