Saturday, December 29, 2012

January 2013 Desktop Calendar

The New Year is almost here, and the new Bohemian Gypsy Jane desktop calendar is here to help you get the New Year started right! Simply click on the desktop calendar image below to enlarge the image to its full size, then copy the image over to your computer to use as your desktop image! It is absolutely free for personal use!

January 2013 Desktop Calendar

Bohemian Gypsy Jane got a nice little start in 2012, and I am so excited to start off the New Year with good footing and lots of plans! I've got several artist and designer interviews lined up to share with you. I'm also working on a handful of Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials. I've been hunting down more Amazing Design Finds to share with you as well. There are lots of cool things coming up! So... artists, designers, and everyone who loves all things visually interesting—please keep an eye on Bohemian Gypsy Jane in 2013!

Coming up next will be a post all about that crazy color called Emerald that Pantone has deemed to be the color of the year for 2013, so if you're a designer trying to integrate this color into your work, you won't want to miss it!

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Okay, shameless self-promotion is over ;)

See you guys soon...
Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Artist Interview: Kelli Murray

Photos by Erica Schneider. Photos from Kelli Murray's blog

The first time I saw Kelli's work, I totally fell in love with its whimsical, yet modern and hip feel. Kelli is truly an artist that draws from her heart. Her love of nature and animals, as well as a sense of wonder come across beautifully in her artwork.

Kelli Murray is a freelance designer and artist from Encinias, California. The biography on her website reads: "Born in 1984 and raised in San Diego, CA, Kelli was drawn towards a creative life at a very young age. Middle daughter of three, she was always the one found drawing, imagining, or creating in one form or another."

"My Heart Carries Me Through" by Kelli Murray

I came up with three questions for Kelli based on what I see in her art and what I learned about her through researching her blog and website. I wanted to get closer to the heart and soul of who Kelli is as an artist rather than skimming on the surface with boring and typical questions.

BGJ: Your bio says that you were drawn towards a creative life at a very early age. I know that children always have favorite things to draw. What were some of little Kelli Murray's favorite things to draw?

Kelli: I've always loved to draw animals. Actually, growing up, I thought I wanted to be a veterinarian! We had a cat and a those were my two favorite animals to draw.

"Stay Close" by Kelli Murray
"Fox Dreams" by Kelli Murray
BGJ: There are many artists that are "technically" good, but their work falls flat because it has no soul. I can see your soul shining through in your work. Your art isn't just something to just look at, because it speaks. Where does that rare ability to breathe life into your work come from?

Kelli: Thank you! That is such a big compliment. I didn't go to school for fine art or illustration, so everything I know has been self-taught. When I began drawing and painting, it took some time to figure out my style and the things I enjoyed illustrating. And I would say I am still evolving and changing a lot  as an artist even today. But the things that I illustrated that I found myself enjoying were the things that came from a place of wonder, or happiness, or even hope in my own life. Whether it was simple things that I loved or had a personal connection to, or attempting to convey a deeper part of my heart through what I drew.

"Be Brave" by Kelli Murray

When Kelli debuted the illustration above on her blog, All Things Inspiring, she posted this quote along with it. I thought I would share...

"We are the silver lining in any and every dark cloud we could ever find. There is no need to go looking for the light when you bring it with you." -Tyler Knott Gregson

BJG: Becoming a mother changes so many things, and I can't imagine that there are any mothers out there that haven't been changed in some way by their children. I'm sure that your daughter has changed many things about how you see the world, but specifically - how has she changed your creative perspective?

Kelli: Wow! In so many ways. It's funny to see her react to certain pieces of my art. Just as I was fascinated with animals as a child, she is too. So we love to draw animals together. But as a bigger picture, she has really pushed me in creating a sense of wonder through my art and expanding my imagination. My inspiration for my artwork used to come only from the things that I was interested in, but now, so much of what I am inspired to create comes from her.

"Mother's Love" by Kelli Murray

Kelli Murray and her daughter, Rylee. Photos from Kelli Murray's blog

Find more of Kelli Murray's artwork on both Etsy and Society 6! I must admit that it was hard to choose just a few to feature here. Please go and check out the rest of her work! Also check out her very cool website along with her blog "All Things Inspiring"!

Here are all the links!

Kelli Murray's Website
Kelli Murray's Blog-All Things Inspiring
Kelli Murray on Etsy
Kelli Murray on Society 6

Photo montage from Kelli Murray's bio page
Much thanks to Kelli Murray for the interview and for access to her images!!! I am deeply honored and I hope that everyone reading this is as inspired by her as I am. She is truly an artist through and through to the deepest depths of her soul. I wish truly wish her all the best! Again, check out the links I listed above! There is much more to see!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Lovely Bones

The use of anatomical bones in modern art has been emerging for the last few years. What was once strange and disturbing is now almost mainstream. I must admit that the concept had to grow on me. But now that it has, I find the combination of the (almost) everlasting bones with the fleeting beauty of fragile elements such as flowers and butterfly wings to be very compelling. The bones that are hidden beneath remain long after the life they carried has passed on. Life is beautiful, strange, mysterious, fleeting, and yes, some things remain long after that life is gone. Here are a few lovely examples of lovely bones! Notice that all of them bring in elements and pull them together. A clock, tree roots, butterfly wings, flowers, the pattern of wood grain, delicate insects... I encourage you to look closely at each one of these and interpret their stories.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Little Time To Play...

Meet Andrew and precious kiddos. They amaze and inspire me every single day. I was able to capture a few photos of them playing yesterday in the leaves that our oak tree is dropping. It really was amazing. They can be so carefree—just look at the spark in their eyes! This is exactly what life is all about. They're not doing anything other than playing and simply being alive and it's the most wonderful thing in the world. So, I had a little epiphany. Well, maybe not quite an epiphany since that suggests that the thought had never occurred to me before...let's just say I had a reminder. The reminder was how important a little down-time really is. I'm a very goal-oriented person, and once I get something achieved I rarely stop to rest and re-fuel my creative energies. I'm off planning or working on my next project. Something I know, and often forget, is that playing, relaxing, frolicking...whatever you wish to call it is GOOD for you. And, it's good for productivity and creativity. I promise you that when you go back to your work, especially art and design work, you will be refreshed and often have a new perspective that is better than what you had before. So, I challenge you (and me) to take some time to just be in the moment and play for awhile!